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we help businesses and organizations turn the global headwinds into tailwinds for themselves and planet earth.

Tailwind Co. is an advisory that helps companies, NGO's and organizations bridge sustainability action, business management and effective brand communication.

Instead of approaching each area individually we work together with our clients in a more holistic way combining all aspects of sustainability from product development, stakeholder management to external communication and behavior changing solutions.

Turning the ever growing global headwinds into steady tailwinds for our clients and planet Earth.


Sustainability analysis and assessment

See headwinds as possibilities.

Holistic Assessment of Your Sustainability Performance

Identification of gaps, opportunities and how they will be affected by current and future legislation, changing market conditions and expectations.

Double materiality assessment

A forward-looking analysis of how sustainability issues might create financial risks for your company as well as company’s own impacts on its stakeholders, people and the environment

B Corp assessment

Understand how a B Corp certification can add value to your company and get help in the assessment process from a B Leader

UN Global Compact CoP questionnaire

Assistance in using the Global Compact questionnaire to assess your sustainability performance, identify weak spots and plan next steps

Trend Spotting and Scenario Building

Forecasting and scenario building depicting how the consequences of e.g. the climate crisis will affect your business

Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement

Mapping, analysis and advice on how best to engage your most important internal and external stakeholders


Sustainability strategy and business development

Go from ambition to inspiring action.

Translation of Brand DNA into Actionable Sustainability Strategy

Create initiatives that becomes part of your core storytelling and provide the foundation for engaging, trustworthy and meaningful communication

Co-creation of New Business Models

Align your key business offering with a rapidly changing business environment affected by new regulation, investors requirements, resource scarcity and customer demands for radical transparency


Communications strategy and content development

Engage people in your journey.

Content Creation

Get help in transforming your sustainability work into engaging content and creative campaigns in any media from LinkedIn to Instagram and TikTok

Sustainability reporting 2.0

From a dusty annual pdf with 'repeated content' to concise communication individually targeted at your stakeholders through different channels and formats

Media Strategy

Learn how to think and communicate like a media house


From development on international conference to Tailwind Academy focussing on sustainability training and masterclasses

Grow your skills.

Summit and conferences

Comprehensive support ranging from development of a cohesive conference program framework, developing and curation of plenary and break-out sessions and prep calls with speakers and moderators. All to secure a cohesive program where the individual session contribute to the overall objectives of the conference or summit

Organisational Level

Build the capacity of your organization and leadership to understand and navigate the ever changing sustainability agenda


Capacity building, master classes and leadership workshops


One-on-one mentoring of sustainability leads


Thought leadership pieces and talks on the trends that will have the biggest impact on our future

Navigate unknown territory.

Keynotes, talks and moderation

We provide international perspectives on sustainability issues, always respectful of the local context, but never shying away from focussing on how to solve the root problems

Thoughts on Trends

Thought leadership reports on the most important trends that will affect our planet and how we run our businesses and organization.

Deep Dives

Think pieces and assessments of industries and critical issues that will move and shake our world

About us.

  • We provide solutions that are aligned with a 1.5 degrees pathway

  • We focus on fixing the root problems instead of applying a band-aid

  • We seek out blind spots - both our own and those of our customers - to secure truly sustainable solutions

  • We build bridges and help make sustainability matter across your organisation

Our team.

We have teamed up with thought-leaders in Scandinavia within sustainability, media, brand building and documentary filmmaking.

A portrait of Morten Lehmann

CEO & founder

Morten Lehmann

A portrait of Sandra Gonza

Strategy & Business Impact Lead

Sandra Gonza


Strategic SoMe advisor

Sofie Swienty


Art Director

Anders Ladegaard

Insights & Analysis Lead

Insights & Analysis Lead

Gizem Arici

A portrait of Pernille Rose Grønkjær

Documentary Filmmaker

Pernille Rose Grønkjær

Eva Mulvad portait

Documentary Filmmaker

Eva Mulvad

A portrait of Kim Boisen


Kim Boisen

A portrait of Keld Reinicke


Keld Reinicke


Here are some of the clients we are helping turn headwind into tailwind.


From PDF report to global SoMe sustainability campaign.

Allbirds logo

Net Zero Pakistan

Advise on how to engage global brands and coalitions

Net Zero Pakistan

Textile Exchange

2022 conference development and execution.

Textile Exchange 2022 conference

Copenhagen Group

Annual Sustainability report

Copenhagen Group

Bangladesh Circular Economy Summit

Co-created this inaugural first summit

Bangladesh Circular Economy Summit

Sustainable Apparel Forum

Support of the annual flagship event

Sustainable Apparel Forum - 2023

Tailwind Academy

Six day comprehensive ESG training course


Opinion Piece: Leaders must change or the planet will

Responsible Consumer Engagement

Panel discussion on how best to inspire consumers to act

Richard Lawson, Zalando and Morten Lehmann, Tailwind

The Role of DE&I in Accelerating Sustainability

Panel discussion on how we can achieve inclusive climate action

Sandra Gonza, Kenya Wiley and Neil Montgomery at Textile Exchange

Decent Work in a Circular Economy

Fireside chat on how to achieve a just transition

Sandra Gonza, Naureen Chowdhury and Apoorva  Shankar

Regenerative Leadership Keynote

How to transform leadership to navigate the poly crisis


Bee The Change

From the complexity of biodiversity to inspiring storytelling